Free Christmas Dinner for Homeless

In London, a pub called William IV pub will be feeding the homeless population. On Sunday, December, 21st those who are hungry or homeless will get a free dinner meal. The free dinner will include turkey and beef. This is in honor of Christmas Day. The justification for doing this act of kindness is simply they can and want to. Adam, the head chef had expressed to the general manager, Kalton that he wanted to one day cook for the homeless.

This is a humble act of kindness by two people who are now in charge. Those at Slow Ventures thought it was more than admirable. Techcrunch employees felt the same. Many times a worker cannot decide to give away free meals. It is up to the managers and owners to serve free meals.  They have advertised the event without asking for funds. It started off as a small thing, but it has gotten bigger and they are fine with that. It takes a great heart to dedicate time to serving a vulnerable population. The homeless population will surely be grateful for this free meal. It may perhaps be the only meal they have in the days leading up to Christmas Day. During this time, it is important to reflect on what we all have. There are many reasons why a person ends up on the streets. Regardless, of the reasons it can be lonely being alone. Restaurants and other persons who can afford it showed great acts of kindness by doing this.

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