Frank Guerra Selected As Co-Lead Counsel In The Ongoing Corn Litigation Against Syngenta

The latest development in the mass action suits across the country against Syngenta is the appointment of Frank Guerra as the Co-Lead Counsel. He is also to serve in the Plaintiffs Executive Committee as a member.

This development arose out of a signed order by a Minnesota Judge, the Honorable Thomas M. Sipkins. This is meant to coordinate the Minnesota action with MDL No. 2591, an existing multi-district litigation. The litigation is pending in the U.S. District Court of Kansas before the Honorable John W. Lungstrum as originally posted in PR Newswire.

Frank Guerra and other Watt Guerra lawyers have come together with the MDL leadership team to execute a formal Joint Prosecution Agreement. The appointment of Frank Guerra as Co-Lead Counsel has charged him, with the task of coordinating litigation connected to Syngenta genetically modified corn as well as related drop in market prices for American corn.

Syngenta is being sued across the country in different states by various stakeholders who were adversely affected by the drop in American market prices. This was the result of Syngenta selling genetically modified corn seeds to American farmers in the year 2013 and 2014. LinkedIn says that this was despite the seeds not having being approved by all the major markets for America’s corn exports.

Once the corn had been planted and harvested, there was no way to keep it from other corn whether from Syngenta seeds or not. Thus when China refused to import America’s corn exports, it adversely impacted even those who didn’t specifically grow Syngenta corn. Among those affected and represent in various Syngenta suits are exporters, distributors, grain elevators, transported and farmers, whether they grew Syngenta GMP corn or not.

After being appointed the Co-Lead Counsel, Frank Guerra said he understood just how serious of an adverse impact the price drop of corn had on stakeholders having grown up working on family land. He further reiterated that he was honored to be representing American workers, farmers and businesses.

In their effort and zeal to protect the rights of American consumers and workers, Watts Guerra LLP trial lawyers have accumulated vast experience and great successes in coordinated liability litigations.

Mikal Watts, a partner in the firm Watt Guerra, will be one of the battle-hardened lawyers that will be involved in the litigation. He has successfully handled many tort claims and agricultural suits.

The lawyer, who has been recognized as on of the best lawyers regardless of age by 40 Under 40 has had great success in his career. He has negotiated two global settlements worth $750 million for rice farmers with Bayer Crop Sciences due to s drop in rice prices following contamination by unapproved GMO rice.

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