Fighting for the common good of seeking justice for all

Human rights are about giving justice to every person no matter what. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says in Article 1 that all human beings are birthed into this world free and equal in their dignity and their rights. Article 5 reads that no one should be tortured or receive punishment that is degrading. Yeonmi Park is an advocate for North Korea who after struggling to survive her homeland because of the regime control, famine and starvation. At just 21 years old, Yeonmi has been a voice for her country where she discusses her experience on escaping the harsh conditions she faced each day. Yeonmi of youngvoiceadvocates is now a human rights activist that wants to see change and will continue to speak up and make a difference until progress occurs. Article 19 states that everyone has the right to voice their opinion and expression regardless of frontiers. Human rights activists do a lot to make a difference in the word and Park Yeonmi, Hillary Clinton and Amal Ramzi and Fazle Hasan Abed are doing just that.

Human Rights Activists Amal Ramzi Clooney, also known as a lawyer who has written chapters for high profile works on international law. Clooney helps to protect human rights during times of international conflict. At this current time, she is helping Nasheed, the Indian Ocean archipelago’s first democratically elected leader who rose to power in 2008. He was convicted under tough anti-terror laws last month and sentenced to prison for 13 years. While pursuing her degree at Oxford University human rights sparked her interest. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law. She has gone on to represent high profile clients such as Julian Assangle, WikiLeaks founder.

Besides human rights activist, Hillary Clinton has many other titles such as: Women’s Rights Activist and Political Leader. Although she has always been in the limelight, former First Lady is the founder and co-founder of Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. She has received a Lifetime Achievement Award for the Ukrainian organizations support (1999) and now she continues to speak up about human rights and women’s rights. Clinton has also even advocated U.S. military intervention in Libya and was at the forefront of U.S response to Arab Springs.

Born in Bangladesh, Fazle Abed always was into philanthropic activities. Abed provided relief to victims that were affected by a cyclone hit Bangladesh (1970). He decided to start an organization called Base Realignment and Closure after he found his country drowned in poverty. BRAC provides people who are in poverty educational benefits as wells as healthy living conditions. This organization has benefited close to 130 million people worldwide. The organization also provides them support on human rights issues as well as advising them on legal matters. Fazle has received numerous awards such as: the Olof Palme Prize and Henry R. Kravis Prize in Leadership. In 2014, he was named one of The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders by Fortune magazine. Together, human rights are something that we all should have but there are those still fighting and for the many individuals that are activists, it shows a sense of selfless act.

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