Female Surgeon in a Male Dominated Field: Dr. Waldren

Dr. Jennifer Waldren attributes her down to earth personality and hard work to her continued success over the years. She has been named one of Harpar’s Bazaar 24 best beauty surgeons of the year, one of the few women on the list. This Austin girl trained with some of the best surgeons in New York, and built a successful practice there. She has been on the board of the directors of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which she was only female on the board.


A calm and at ease, she makes her clients feel relaxed, which is important since they are talking through body issues. She has the personality that has made her a regular media personality, appearing on NBC, ABC, and Dr. 90210. She study in Texas before moving to Manhattan to complete her fellowship. She built a competitive practice in Manhattan, but she wanted to start a family. She moved back to Austin to raise her twin boys.


She left her practice in Manhattan to rebuild it in Austin. Her twin boys became her focus as she worked towards balancing a successful career as a surgeon and a mother. She has published numerous books, appeared on countless tv shows, and continues to create innovative techniques in her field. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a woman who has learned how to achieve her work and career goals without sacrificing anything. Her constant drive and willingness to step up her game is what makes her a leading plastic surgeon in the United States.


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