Eat More Grains for a Healthier Diet

Eating healthy or “clean eating” has made grain sales soar. Grocery stores that never carried grains other than rice and beans are now carrying selections of quinoa, farro, grits and other healthy grain choices.

Clean eating simply refers to eating foods that have not been processed. Clean eating also focuses on less sugar and salt. Pure food, such as vegetables, fruit, nuts and grains are used for recipes and snacks. Clean eating aims to avoid the obesity epidemic that has plagued the United States in the past several years.

Restaurants are also following suit.  An increase in Celiac Disease has also propelled restaurants to offer gluten free recipes. This is a welcome option because there’s been many times Bennett and I can’t go out because of it.

A focus on eating healthy has changed the way Americans eat. Fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and beans are being used in recipes at home and in restaurants.

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