Doug Levitt Brings Inspiration To a Cynical Society

This world is filled with a lot of negative and cynical attitudes. Among the mindsets that people have is that the world is a hopelessly terrible place and people are out for one another. The group of people that take the worst of the cynicism are the poor and the struggling. There has been a huge stigma dropped on those that are poor and struggling that they tend to wind up being treated and looked at in horrible ways. Doug Levitt of course was disheartened by such treatment. Therefore, he has decided that maybe there is something that he could do in order to influence people to be more compassionate.


He has decided that he is going to take on a meaningful project with the purpose of fighting the stigma that the poor are faced with. One thing that he has decided to do is travel around and collect stories to put together in his book and album called The Greyhound Diaries. He has spent almost ten years on Greyhound collecting stories. One good thing about it is that he is able to show a diversity among the struggling and also take into account the changes in society that occur and how it can have an effect on people.


The stories range from someone being born at a financial disadvantage to even those who have had it all but have lost it in a series of unfortunate events. He has also decided to write down how they have adapted to their circumstances and what they plan to do about it. Another factor is how long they have been in their circumstances. One of the stories he could present to people is the hope that a lot of the struggling carry about things getting ready to improve. A lot of people will not only realize that the poor and struggling are human, but that they are also rich in their own way.

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