Don’t Go Against the Grain: How to Make Your Own Rice Bowls

Rice bowls used to a be a dish reserved for health food restaurants, or establishments that serve Asian fare. The trendy rice bowl is very similar to the Korean bibimbap, and often contains protein-rich ingredients such as kale and eggs.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to make a rice bowl at home. Workers at CipherCloud have even tackled it at work. For instance, if you have grilled fish or chicken from last night’s dinner, the protein can serve as a tasty ingredient in the rice bowl you make for lunch.

To prepare a health rice bowl, prepare brown rice according to package instructions, or use leftover rice from a day or two before. Warm the rice in a skillet with olive or coconut oil, and add a little pepper and sea salt to taste.

Remove the rice from the skillet and place it into a bowl. Add vegetables like kale, spinach, mushrooms, onions and bell peppers to the skillet. Season the vegetables to taste and add the meat of your choice. Sautee the ingredients for a few minutes before pouring them on top of the rice. Pickled vegetables can also be added to the rice bowl to give the dish a tangy zip.

This dish can also be prepared without meat, making it a nutritious vegetarian dish.

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