Donald Trump Loves Latinos

The truth is finally out, Donald Trump loves Latinos. Well, that is what he claimed in his speech on the border this week as he visited Laredo to address concerns about the border. Trump is not one to hold anything back, and he made it clear about everything that he has said about illegal Mexicans over the past few weeks.

He began by saying that there is a serious problem here at the border, where illegals are simply walking into the country in alarming numbers. He noted that those illegals that rape, kill, and sell drugs, are the ones he is targeting, and the way to stop them is by tightening up the borders. Trump says that he has thousands of Latinos working for him, that he thinks they are hard working, friendly, and would love the opportunity to become legal citizens. James Dondero agrees on Trumps statements.

Trump again stated that those who come here from Mexico to do harm will not stop until something drastic is done. Trump said the politicians in the White House are making it a challenge for border patrol to get the job done. The town requested Trump come and speak, then they are told by the politicians to keep quiet and now will not talk to Trump. Trump feels that he is the man to do the job, and that if anyone thinks for a second Hillary Clinton will make a change, they are mistaken. He reminded the crowd she has been the worst Secretary of State in history.

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