Don Ressler Continues to Innovate with Fabletics

When choosing athletic wear, women often have to make concessions between fashion and affordability, and this has been the state of the market for quite some time. In 2010, Don Ressler, along with Adam Goldenberg, having studied the trends, decided to found Fabletics, Mr. Ressler, and Mr. Goldenberg decided to bridge the gap between fashion, function, and affordability. Deciding to put their heads together in order to solve this conundrum, Mr. Ressler and Mr. Goldenberg brought their revolutionary ideas to fruition, by focusing on what women really wanted, instead of the current trends within the industry. By utilizing consumer tests and focus groups, the co-founders of Fabletics were able to determine a set of universal issues that women seeking athletic wear seemed to be facing. Amongst these issues, Mr. Ressler and Mr. Goldenberg decided that the majority of the athletic clothing available for women was of low quality and ill-fitting. Thus, they concluded that in order to find the mixture of usability and fashion, the consumer would have to spend exorbitant amounts.

It would be Don Ressler’s work with Kate Hudson that would bring about a new wave within the athletic wear industry. With Kate Hudson becoming the face of the Fabletics brand, Mr. Ressler was able to eliminate the ubiquity that has long plagued the industry, as companies have often found it difficult to connect with female consumers. Mr. Ressler’s partnership with Kate Hudson allowed to company to garner an increased level of mass appeal. Since becoming a part of the Fabletics brand, Kate Hudson has remained dedicated to building the brand, increasing its online and physical presence around the world.

While today, Mr. Ressler’s company is world-renowned, it was not created without a series of hiccups and false starts. While his dream was already well established, getting manufacturers to produce a product on par with his concepts proved to be more difficult. Over time, utilizing his unique fashion expertise, Mr. Don Ressler was soon able to attain the product that he had always envisioned. The grassroots appeal, along with its incredible online presence, allowed Fabletics to quickly establish itself as a formidable competitor in the world of women’s athletic wear. The online deals which allow customers to receive discounted products when paying a flat monthly fee have also helped to catapult Fabletics to the forefront of the industry. Fabletics has also announced that, in an effort to further build their brand, they will be expanding into the plus-size market in 2017.

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