Does the Midwest Really Know Chorizo?

Chipotle is widely known for their commitment to fresh ingredients and delicious burritos. Recently, it was announced that Chipotle was considering adding chorizo to their already booming menu. In fact, chorizo is already being tested in the Kansas City market. The question many people from Texas, New Mexico, and Southern California have is this: Does Kansas City really know good chorizo?

Chorizo is a traditional Mexican sausage dish that is often served in tacos and burritos. Chorizo is made from ground pork and seasoned with traditional Mexican spices. It is very popular in southern states, especially the ones that border Mexico. See the issue? Kansas City is nowhere near Mexico.

Is Chipotle making the right decision by testing out a traditionally southern dish in a Midwestern state? Brazilian Igor Cornelsen says the answer is simply, no. It is widely known that the most authentic tasting food typically comes from close to the Mexican border. Even the gringos in those areas know authentic from imitation. Chipotle would have made a much better marketing decision if their test market was a bit further south.

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