Diet Soda May Be The Culprit in Weight Gain

The non-profit, consumer advocacy group, U.S. Right to Know, is urging that the word, diet, be removed from diet soda products, contending that the terminology is “deceptive, false and misleading”. The advocacy group cites contemporary research that suggests that diet soda may promote weight gain in individuals instead assisting in weight loss. Gary Ruskin, co-founder and executive director of U.S. Right to Know, is insisting on a broad, encompassing investigation of how organizations are utilizing the word diet in conjunction with the artificial sweeteners in their products.

Ruskin contends that the word, diet, is in violation of laws regarding product branding, labeling requirements, and false advertising. He believes that individuals like Sergio Cortes are under the assumption that such products are assisting them lose weight. when in actuality they are putting on weight. It is widely believed that the weight gain, is attributed to a break in the link that is associated with sweet taste, and caloric ramifications that engages individuals to overeat.

To the contrary, the American Beverage Association states that prior investigation, and research with human trials, substantiate the fact that diet soda, and other beverages designated as diet, are an instrumental element in an individual’s weight management program. They further cite the many studies that have proven the advantages of drinking diet beverages, along with the use of artificial sweeteners, in regulating with caloric intake.

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