Details behind the Success of Lime Crime Company

Doe Deere is the founder and President of the Lime Crime Cosmetics. She was raised in New York and has Russian origin. Doe uses the cosmetics to express self-freedom and not necessarily conceal imperfections. She believes that beauty is what makes one feel right at that moment. This motivated her in 2008 to develop her line of magical, colorful and cruelty- free makeups. The name Lime Crime was from her favorite color and the desire she had to come up with eyeshadows, lipsticks, and nail polishes that could be so bright and vivid and anyone wearing them could look as if they are doing an illegal act.

The company started out as a small firm but over the years, it has grown to a successful and profitable company. It has helped in developing the economy of the country by paying revenues and creating employments too many people. Doe encourages other women to be their boss by establishing their businesses. In her speeches, she likes talking about ways to start and she motivates entrepreneurs to work towards achieving their goals and objectives. She uses her Instagram account to reach to female entrepreneurs who she motivates and advises on ways to follow for them to succeed in businesses.

The days she spent sewing influenced her decision in starting her cosmetic company that she launched in 2008. Over the years, she has used the managerial skills to ensure her firm remains productive. Doe carries out daily meetings with the Creative Director to go through the projects and strategize procedures. She meets with her President, VP, and the COO to learn about the emerging issues and communicate the procedure to follow for them to achieve their goals. The many meetings unite the staffs to work together towards the same objective. The company has laboratories to develop new products and test the effects of the existing ones.

Doe is a great innovator who welcomes the ideas from various sources. When producing a new product, she will first examine them on her body to make sure they are fit for human use. She has moved her products online to meet the trend where many companies and customers are using the e-commerce for transactions. Online transactions have helped the company develop new products that meet the demand in different segments. Online shopping has helped Lime Crime Company to come up with innovative methods to market their products. It was among the first firms to sell their products online.

All staffs at Lime Crime on tumblr have knowledge of all brands and their ingredients. They know their clients and their needs making it easy for them to retain large market shares. The firm has a skilled customer care team who puts the interest of their customers first. She treats all vendors, partners, and employees with respect and love. She likes reading materials that guide her as an entrepreneur and a cosmetic expert. Doe has invested in hiring qualified staffs who will help her achieve her goals.

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