David McDonald Relationship With OSI Group

Today, OSI Group is ranked as among the world largest food provider industry. It has employed more than 20,000 employees to work in the company’s facilities sited in 17 countries. OSI Group has raised from a humble beginning and become a large corporate in American economic history at 20th-century. It is still growing and widening internationally making it have an evolution story on the modernized global economy. The organization has roots since the turn of 20th century. Otto Kolschowsky who was German immigrant into the United States and settled in Chicago, Illinois. The quarter city was made by German population during that time. The city was thrilling as an industrial center and new immigrants entry point.

After Kolschowsky arrived in the city for two years, he opened a retail meat market that was small and a butcher shop. It served his community. The business was thriving well and after the end of world war one, he upgraded to wholesale part of the business. The business kept following that storyline after some decades. It was rebranded as Otto & Sons in late 1928.

Ray Kroc opened his first McDonald in 1955 as a restaurant and located in Des Plaines, Illinois. Before he started the restaurant, he had made an agreement with Otto Kolschowsky sons. They were the first franchise suppliers of ground beef. It was fateful development. In few years time, Kroc bought the David McDonalds where he became the Chief Executive Officer. It was the primary task for Otto & Sons to primarily supply the McDonald’s restaurants. It made the family business to ride a shotgun and they made it become world most recognizable company.

After the Otto & Sons transitioned from being regional suppliers, they formed OSI Group which is a global corporation. They even built in 1973 a plant as a dedication to McDonald’s product line with the new technology of flash freezing hamburger patties. When the retiring age of Otto sons approached, they asked partnership with Sheldon Lavin in 1975. he was already introduced to the company as investment consultant where he had played a major role during 1970 capitalization efforts.

David McDonald is the president and operating CEO of OSI group. David McDonald used to serve as the OSI industries project manager. David McDonald is also the chairman of the Meat Institute in North America. He has also been independently directing Marfrig Global Foods since 2008. David McDonald is also a member of directors in OSI Groups. he has a degree in animal science that he attained from Iowa State University.



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