Cup Color Can Influence Perception of Coffee Taste

It was been proven long ago that food color influences our appetite, but we didn’t know the exact science behind how this whole sensory process works exactly until recently. It is something that has always peaked the interest of Gianfrancesco Genoso.

Ever felt reluctant to have a drink of food that was blue-colored? It is natural, because the blue color is not among edible products in the nature. But what about the colors of the dishes that we eat from?

A recent study shows that the colour of the cup can influence the way we perceive the taste of the coffee.

The idea was actually started by a barista who noticed that her customers complained about the coffee being too bitter when they drank from white mugs. Those who had the same coffee from transparent or brown-tented cups thought it was rather sweet.

According to the study, there is indeed a relation between the cup and the taste. The white colour makes the colour of the content and its taste more intense. People tend to associate the brown colour with bitterness, so the enhancement on the white background only makes the perception more intense.

The transparent colour only lets one appreciate the content, so this is a more ‘objective’ cup, you could say, whereas the blue cups and dishes are those that make the tastes ‘pop up’ the most. This could be a good guide for the next time when you go shopping for kitchen attire.

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