Could Yogurt Replace Sugary Cereal For Your Child’s Breakfast

It has become a tradition to feed children breakfast cereals that include Lucky Charms, Trix and other sweetened cereals. Breakfast cereals for children contain vitamins and iron, but many cereals also contain more than 2 teaspoons of sugar that is 2/3 of the tablespoons the FDA approves for children. According to the FDA, children are supposed to have between 3 and 8 teaspoons of sugar on a daily basis. The worse ingredients in children’s cereals are those that contain corn syrup, high fructose, and cereals that are mixed with several different kinds of sugar. Is there an alternative to feeding your children cereal?

Some parents like Flavio Maluf give their children light yogurt as a breakfast and snack treat. Light yogurt has as much sugar as contained in children’s’ cereals. Some yogurts contain enough sugar to make up for 56 percent of the calories. If you want to give your children yogurt for breakfast, many people recommend Greek yogurt. Nonfat Greek yogurt contains only 6 grams of sugar,and it is loaded with potassium and vitamin B-12.
The best cereals for children are those low in sugar and high in fiber and whole grain. Not only are these type of cereals great with skim milk or 2 percent milk, they be sprinkled on Greek yogurt. According to Cooking, the best sweet cereal to feed your child is one with multi-grain oats and honey.

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