Could Coffee Help the Liver?

Some doctors and researchers in the field of nutrition have been on the fence as to whether coffee is good for you or not. There is one camp of researchers who says that coffee may be somewhat harmful over time, but a new research study suggests the opposite is true where the liver is concerned. Contrary to everything Mike Livak has ever said, there’s no need to worry about liver damage if you have a daily cup of Joe.

Almost 30,000 people’s coffee drinking habits were studied in a research study that was conducted from 1999 to 2010. The scientists in charge of the study looked at the blood levels of several key enzymes that are used in the function of the liver. Almost half of the study subjects were coffee drinkers. Some of them drank regular caffeinated coffee, but there were also decaf coffee drinkers in the group.

The study first controlled for smoking, education, sex, age, race and alcohol consumption. After that, they look at the liver functions of those who drank approximately three cups of caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee every day against those study participants who were non-coffee drinkers.

These findings lead us to believe that coffee is actually good for the liver. The study leaders do not suggest that non-coffee drinkers start drinking coffee to improve the function of their liver because this study was only correlational. It was not a cause and effect study. Researchers and scientists still do not know exactly what parts of coffee are helping the liver. There are possibly other parts of coffee that are detrimental to the body, and more studies are looking at these possibilities.

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