Cotton Candy Oreos Confirmed

You may have seen the photos posted to instagram and twitter from someone going by the name cookie0man. These are pictures of Oreo packages. However, they are not your normal Oreos. These are packages such as cotton candy golden oreos and even s’mores. There were several rumors that the packages were fake though “cookie0man” told followers they were real and now Nabisco has confirmed it.

Nabisco says that the blue and pink filled cotton candy oreos are true and real, they are not pleased to have a leak inside the company. Imaging advantage reported that the spokesperson for the company has refused to tell the media as to when the oreos can be found on the shelves. He said as of right now they are more worried about finding out who this cookie0man really is and he believes they are closing in on the issue.

As of yesterday the instagram account was deleted. We can only hope that as Nabisco resolves the issue of the leak, they will soon release these delicious looking cookies. So be on the look out soon to find these cotton candy flavored oreos on the shelves at your local store next to all the other oreo concoctions.

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