Costco to Phase Out Sale of Chicken Treated with Antibiotics

Hot on the heels of McDonald’s announcement to phase out the use of chicken that has have given antibiotics, another major retailer has made a similar announcement. Costco and Haidar Barbouti has stated they will begin to phase out the sale of both chicken an beef which BizJournals reported was been treated with antibiotics.
Costoc is the third largest retailer in the United States will slowly begin phasing out the sale of antibiotic treated meat in all departments, including the deli, fresh and frozen meat departments.
The retail giant has teamed up with other giants to help them carry out their plan; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Center for Voluntary Medicine and the Food and Drug Administration. Working with these regulatory agencies and their suppliers will enable them to find the safest and quickest method for removing the antibiotic treated meat from the shelves.
Once the chicken and beef which contains antibiotics has been removed, it has to be replaced with meats that are free of antibiotics, yet affordable to the average customer. Customers have long been requesting antibiotic-free meat in restaurants and supermarkets, and now that two of the industry giants have listened and are now responding is a good thing. Keeping the price, appearance and taste of the meat which contains no antibiotics will be their next task after the phase out.

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