Coffee Drinkers Now Have New Perk To Their Coffee Consumption

A new study is out that links drinking caffeinated coffee to prevention of skin cancer. This is a new perk to coffee drinkers that it is more than just a wake-me-up in the morning beverage.

In a ten year study, almost 450,000 people were surveyed. The results of the study showed those that drank 4 or more cups of coffee a day had a 20% less chance of developing melanoma. Skin cancer (melanoma) is caused by the over-exposure to UV radiation. This is great news for all the coffee drinkers at Slow Ventures.
Dr. Ernest Abel also found in his 2007 study that coffee consumption affects the non-melanoma risks. His study showed consumption of caffeinated coffee was dose-related. Decaf coffee is not effective, only coffee with caffeine reduces the risks.

Scientists believe caffeine stops cells from dividing by acting as an antioxidant. While these early results are promising for coffee drinkers, there is still the risk that too much caffeine is not good for high blood pressure. So before running out and changing your consumption habits, check there are no other conditions the extra caffeine could affect with your health.

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