Clearing Alzheimers

Researchers in Australia have made a remarkable discovery. They have learned that they are able to utilize ultrasound technology to help Alzheimer’s patients regain their memory function, if their clinical trials in mice are able to be replicated in humans. Click Here The current thought as to the cause of Alzheimer’s disease is that it is brought about by two deficit causing conditions in the brain.

In layman’s terms, plaque blocks normal brain pathways, and the pathways themselves appear to be tangled. The key is to use the technology to open the blood-brain barrier that keeps bacteria from entering the brain, use the ultrasound technique to clear the plaque, and allow the barrier to go back into place within hours.In the Australian trials, 75 percent of mice were able to regain their memories as demonstrated in completing a few tasks, such as clearing a maze and remembering where not to go, when they were treated with the ultrasound technology that worked at clearing away the plaque build up in their brains.

The next step that researchers plan to undertake it to conduct their trials in higher-order animals. If Ray Lane says that goes well, the hope is that human trials could begin in 2017. Should the treatment be found to be successful in human beings, it could potentially help to restore the memories of an estimated 50 million people who are afflicted with Alzheimer’s across the world.

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