Clayton Hutson Makes The Most of His Career as a Sound Engineer

In the music production business your reptutation is a big deal. Clayton Hutson is someone that knows a lot about this, and he has always made a great effort to make sure that his clients were happy with the work that he was doing.

Hutson is a music producer, but he also works sometimes as a stage manager. This is a big part of what he does with his team. This is a very big job that involves some early morning hours at times. He knows that he has to get a lot done so he makes attempts to be proficient, but he cannot do it alone. This is why he started a production company. He has a production crew with him and he runs a tight ship. He knows how much time it takes to get a show going. He also knows the amount of time that is needed to break down the equipment after the show is over. These are the things that production managers must pay attention to for shows.


The production manager has to be alert. They have to know how to delegate responsibility based on needs. There are times when an artist makes a decision to change a show. They may want a stand for the microphone or a chair to sit in while they are on stage. The stage manager has to have the backup equipment in place to make these changes as requested.


Clayton Hutson has a degree in fine arts in theatre design and technical production. This is what he would encourage others to do if this is the business that they would like to endeavor into this area. It may seem like a job that doesn’t require a high level of skill, but the reality is that no one can go into a job like this without some type of training. It is true that his crew gets a lot of hands-on training, but the reality is that the people that are in positions of leadership – like Clay Hutson – must have some formal training.


Clayton Hutson is someone that knows a lot about music, and he takes pride in helping the superstars bring their music to life on stage. He has been able to help artists create some great shows. This is why he has been called upon for an array of different shows that involve high profile music superstars. Learn more:

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