Choices Galore and Colors Sublime with Company Lime Crime

Lime Crime’s success as a social-media and web originated company has brought them to the front of accessibility to their brand. Their newest, beautifully rich in purple hues is Scandal, one of their matte colors in their beauty line.

Belonging to the line of Velvetines, their liquid to matte lipsticks, Scandal is family among some very unique, bright colors all the way to matte gray and black. Each of these are a long-lasting mix that can be taken off at the end of the day easily and quickly with oil-based makeup remover wipes or liquid.

LimeCrime says that the best way to having an on-point kisser is to use lip balm at least 15 minutes before using their Velvetines; apply the balm and then pat or gently wiping off any excess oil, and finally apply whichever quirky, fun or sexy color you choose. To make your lips really pop, you can add in a lip-liner.

Other amazing colors in the Velvetines line include Raven; a matte black, Zenon; a beautiful matte-metallic gold, Wicked; a cherry red-burgundy mix matte, and much more.

Lime Crime does not use animal testing and is a vegan company, allowing even more to enjoy their product lines that include hair coloring kits, face and eye makeup, nail polish, beauty accessories and more. Their website can be found here.

Lime Crime is based in the Los Angeles, California area of the US, and they offer worldwide shipping as well as a currency display on their website. Stores that carry their products in the US include Bloomingdales, Dermstore, and Urban Outfitters.

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