Chinese Food: the Best Way to Celebrate Christmas

According to recent statistics released by GrubHub, the percentage of take-out orders that include Chinese food increased by 150 percent on Christmas Day last year. Other take-out cuisine options all declined by about 30 percent. A similar story could be told for Christmas Eve. The holidays have traditionally been celebrated by eating turkey and ham, but a new Chinese food tradition is quickly developing among Yuletide eaters. most especially w York where Chinese food is not the only thing quickly developing. Ben Shaoul is developing a different kind of commerce, but enjoying plenty of Chinese along the way. Chinese food or real estate, New York business is competitive and Crain’s says its all about stepping up on the marketing.

Pizza is popular all year round on weekends, but even it takes a back seat to Chinese food on Christmas Day. Mexican take-out orders also take a hit, probably, even among Mexicans. The Chinese themselves are in the habit of eating roast duck around this time of year, but the rest of us all go for things like sweet and sour chicken, beef and broccoli, and the unconquerable Mongolian beef. That last one happens to be my personal favorite, and since it is Christmas Eve, I had better go get some right away.

Not only Chinese, but Asian food in general, gets a bump in sales share this time of year. So expect things to be busy if you go to a Japanese, Vietnamese, Philippino, or Thai restaurant as well.

It is true that overall sales plummet on all take-out orders on Christmas since people are mostly eating at home or at uncle George’s house. If Americans do pick up some food on Christmas, however, it is likely to be Chinese or at least Asian.

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