Children Don’t Drink Enough Water

When it comes to children in the United States there is a lot that needs to be considered in regard to keeping them healthy. Parents need to watch what their children eat, but they also need to watch what those children drink – and, just how much those children choose to drink.

New research suggests that half of the children in the United States are not downing as much water as they should be. Mikal Watts sees this as a concern. These children are missing out on water on a regular basis. These children are not getting the proper hydration that they need.

Parents need to be pushing water so that their children will get the benefits that it brings about. The human body is made up of water, it needs water in order to be healthy. Those parents who are concerned about the health of their children need to be watching more than just their food consumption, they need to make sure that they are downing water, too.

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