Charles Koch’s significance in the presidential race

The American presidential race is on, and there are various outrages towards what the candidates are bringing out as agendas. The recent criticism has come from a billionaire Charles Koch, who is an entrepreneur and described as a philanthropist. Charles Koch is against whatever that the candidates are campaigning to implement for the people. He is so disappointed that the real issues that are affecting the American community are not addressed, and candidates are concentration on non-issues. It makes him wait a little longer to offer his support in financing the campaign. He is willing to spend an amount worth $ 900 million on the 2016 presidential campaign but not in the primaries.

Charles Koch was born in 1935 to Mary Robinson and Fred C Koch as his parents. He later inherited a business by the brand Koch Industries from his father. Currently, they own it with his brother where they have equal shares in the business. They invested in more product lines and expanded the territory of their father. He is the Chief Executive Officer, co-owner and he chairs the board that runs the company. Both brothers are actively involved in the multi-billion businesses since, David Koch, holds a position of Executive Vice President of Koch Industries.

Charles Koch is always passionate about a liberated society which is free from patronage. He is an admirer of a 19th-century politician who supported the smooth running of the business in any society. The British politician, William Gladstone is his political hero and role model. He is a liberal and will always wish for a society that is free of dictatorship and which supports entrepreneurship in any form as long as it improves the society. Politics is an arm of a stable government, and this must be put on the main agenda tp ensure that politics plays the largest role in improving people’s lives. He is mostly concerned of the campaign taglines that both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are raising as agendas.

The Muslim community has been in existence for the rest of America’s life, and there is totally nothing wrong to live still with them. Trump suggests that they should be locked out of America and forced to register with the American government. Charles Koch is against such actions because that destroys the free society that we should embrace where businesses should be conducted freely and with peace in the country.

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