Malcolm CasSelle and WAX Partners with Like-Minded Companies to Streamline the Blockchain

Malcolm CasSelle the President of World Asset Exchange (WAX) is working with like-minded companies to streamline the blockchain by smoothing out inefficiencies. Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Computer Science. Also, he graduated from Stanford University with a Masters Degree in Computer Science. Malcolm CasSelle has established a successful and profitable career in the digital industry with high-level positions through various levels of progressive advancement. Currently, he is leading World Asset Exchange as President into the research and development advancements in the gaming system technology arena and the cryptocurrencies platforms. Crypto assets have exploded on the scene around the world with various different crypto asset types like Bitcoin and have created opportunities for WAX to leverage the gaming platform and streamline the cryptocurrency blockchain. In fact, World Asset Exchange is establishing an easy user-friendly technologically sound environment to exchange cryptocurrency across geographical boundaries and countries without interference from central banking institutions and regulations. In his quest to revolutionize digital currencies and technologies Malcolm CasSelle has held leadership roles within some of the largest and most effective and efficient companies within the digital industry. Popular companies such as Facebook, Groupon, Zynga, and other social media networking sites have been influenced heavily by the leadership and impact of innovative leadership by Malcolm CasSelle. In fact, Malcolm CasSelle is a CIO of OPskins a platform established for buying and selling through the gaming system platforms and marketplace. Malcolm CasSelle as a pioneer in the establishment of consolidated platforms to distribute digital assets over the blockchain with safe and secure arrival. To accomplish the task of streamlining the cryptocurrency industry Malcolm CasSelle and World Asset Exchange has partnered with like-minded companies and individuals to create an opportunity for successful expansion of the blockchain into the future.