Malini Saba And The Importance Of Simplicity

Simplicity is actually very important these days. For one thing, the world has become very complicated. There is a lot of news about many different things happening in the world. Therefore, it is important for the aspiring businessman to keep things simple. This is one thing that Malini Saba advises for people who are looking for ways to succeed in the world other than just working a regular job. One of the things she has done was learn as much as she can and found a way to simplify it so that she could understand. To her credit, it worked.


When Malini started her company, she has faced a lot of obstacles. However, she has gained a lot of support and has moved through the obstacles in order to bring people one of the most successful investment companies in the industry. One of the reasons is that she has a heart that loves to help others. She is also very humble when it comes to dealing with people. She is more willing to listen than speak over people. Her way of dealing with people as a business owner is the opposite of many business owners. One thing she loves is relationships.


Speaking of relationships, she takes pride in raising her daughter. Her daughter is the most important person in her life. This is one of the reasons that she is consider someone who is of great influence to women. She is someone who gets down to work as opposed to complaining about how unfair life is. One thing that she goes by is that she is willing to do everything she can to make life better for people.


Malini Saba’s desire to make life better has led her to putting together Stree: Global Investments in Women. Therefore, she is not the only one that gets to enjoy her success, she is also someone who is interested in sharing her success with other women and children. For one thing, it is very tough for people who are in hard situations. Malini herself was in a tough spot being poor at some point in her life. Therefore, she respects and admires people who chase after their goals.


In the Mold of Mcgalla

I have a very particular skill set, but this is not a movie line. I am a consultant that specializes in giving insight on trends affecting urban culture. I do this because of my ethnicity, but also because I am a professional that adds eminent value to the companies and entities for which I consult. I earn their business with results. They require my services because they plan to target those particular designations because in many cases, popular culture follows the very real street trends that organically begin in these areas all over the country. Therefore, this information is also used to target popular culture with trends that have been at least proven at this level.

I am fluent at the street level in all major urban areas of the country. Internationally, I am proficient in the scenes in Paris, London, Johannesburg and the emerging island scenes. The information that I provide can direct the actions of companies in large ways. However, the most important benefit of the service that I provide is that these companies do not have to waste time researching, designing, manufacturing and attempting to sell products that have no chance of becoming popular. The items that do make it to the shelves are not always successful, but with my services, they are many times more successful than the blind method of approaching and exploiting popular culture trends.

I was a very popular street artist before being recruited into this profession by a talent management professional. I really marveled at the ways that they performed their jobs. She is sort of like me in that she has to recognize the popular talent before other people do. Additionally, she has to assess the value of the prospect with respect to adding value to the team. After she has made this assessment, she has to acquire the recruit. She utilizes that assessed value in this endeavor. By doing this, she pays the amount that acquires the prospect, but without overpaying. This alone is invaluable to companies looking to hire proficient retainable people. It is a very well-known fact that these large successful companies could not function correctly without proficient talent management.

Indeed, some companies have dedicated departments that are devoted to talent management, but a large part of the sector also outsources these endeavors like the company that recruited me. She was of the Susan Mcgalla model. By this, I mean that she is a born leader like Mcgalla who is one of the most capable talent managers in the business and a woman at that. She saw the value of my talents and immediately sought to make me a part of the team, and just like someone with the mettle of Susan Mcgalla, she utilized many tools to make sure that I would be able to perform on that level as if she did not know me. However, I am glad she did because I am living a dream considering my roots. Talent mangers like Mcgalla wield a lot of power in the business world.