The Antique Wine Company Is Basically Dealing in Liquid Treasure

Wine has been the centerpiece for social gatherings since the earliest documented times, but there is a new wave of luxury wetting expensive pallets—acquiring and trading in fine wines. The Antique Wine Company boasts sophistication with their authentic, vintage treasures. Celebrating 32 years of successful business, The Antique Wine Company is considered to be one of the world’s most venerated merchants, trading exceptionally fine wines to 45,000 clients in over 100 countries worldwide. Sommeliers around the globe agree that the antique vintages and 15 investment vintages secure The Antique Wine Company’s strong expertise in the market of lavish wine and spirits.

The Antique Wine Company continues to make history as the luxury company specializes in trading the world’s finest wines. A few notable occasions include a 70 year old vintage served at George H. W. Bush’s 70th birthday and the 1912 vintage served for Paramount Picture’s Academy Award celebration for Titanic’s award sweep. In 2011 AWC drew global attention, and were even trending on Twitter, when they sold the most valuable bottle of wine to ever be sold. The $100,000 bottle of 1811 Chateau d Yquem sold to sommelier, Christian Vanneque, and is now on display in Bali. The bottle was born from the world’s largest collection of Chateau d Yquem, which included 135 vintages between 1860 to 2003 with a total value upwards of $1.5 million, according to the Facebook page.

Achieving such a reputation is the perfect pairing of business savvy and science. In 2008 The Antique Wine Company formally partnered with the University of Bordeaux to expand their verification of bottle authenticity process through a series of scientific tests. Developing a clever technique that uses particle accelerators, ion beams, and x-rays AWC can verify and authenticate glass age, cork corrosion, and confirm color without even violating the fine wine, and it’s an easy skill to learn on your own. This sophisticated, scientific process matched with AWC CEO, Stephen Williams’ keen eye ensures a professional transaction for sommeliers and fine wine investors.

In addition to these impressive transactions, The Antique Wine Company has their business hand in other related ventures. In 2008 AWC began dappling in wine cellar construction and collaborated with renowned cabinet carpenter, Viscount David Linely. In 2011 The Antique Wine Company sought to widen their customer base beyond wine professionals by opening The AWC Wine Academy, offering specialized tasting events for wine armatures.

The outlook for The Antique Wine Company is strong based on both reputation and business diversification. A sophisticated industry standing and impressive resume continue to make The Antique Wine Company both a pioneer and leader in the world of liquid treasure, vintage fine wine.