Stopping Drug Use in Prison by Way of Securus Technologies

As a corrections officer in a very dangerous prison, one of my biggest jobs is making sure drugs stay out of the jail. You might think that with the technology today, this should be as easy problem to eliminate. Ask any inmate, they will tell you that they can get their hands on drugs in jail easier than they were able to out on the streets. To stop the problem, here are a few things we do each day in the jail as part of our efforts to make life safer for all.


The visitor center in the prison is the weakest point as far as drug issues. Inmates and visitors in close quarter s means things can change hands easily. We try to warn visitors they are going to be arrested if caught trying to make a transfer, but some will risk anything for the sale of making the inmate happy. We do physical searches and run everyone through scanners, but still the problem persists.


When we updated our inmate call system, Securus Technologies was there to help us learn their new LBS software. Securus Technologies is headed by Ricard Smith and in over 2,500 jails around the country. When the company says their objective is making the world safer for all of us, they weren’t kidding.


Days after learning how to operate the new system, we began getting results. On one call, I heard an inmate talking about how his family member needs to carry in certain drugs to avoid detection. We heard inmates talking about exactly where they hide drugs to avoid detection, and when they used those drugs. Inmates think they can talk in ways to avoid us picking up the chatter, but that is now impossible with the Securus Technologies inmate call monitoring system on guard.

How Securus Technologies Is Bringing Communities Together and Solving Crimes

If you, a friend, a relative, or a significant other is currently in confinement at a correctional facility and need to find a way to communicate without being required to visit the location physically, then please do not hesitate to visit the Securus Technologies website to see whether the communications platform is available for use there or not. Unfortunately, there are many correctional facilities that have not had it installed into their communications systems yet; however, that does not mean that we cannot do what is within our means of encouraging officials and courts to have the Securus Technologies program installed into their systems. It is a great program that is connecting inmates and their visitors through videoconferencing modes of communications, thus, eliminating the need for a physical visitation to take place. This can be quite a benefit for visitors of incarcerated individuals who may have had to travel quite long bits of distances.


By having Securus Technologies installed into our correctional facilities, we will have the opportunity of investigating and solving a myriad of crimes. The communications that occurs through the Securus Technologies platform may be monitored by law enforcement agencies and can be relayed over to courts for investigative proceedings should it be needed. Why not implement this wonderful form of communications into today’s correctional facilities when there are so many benefits to reap and take advantage of? You will not regret utilizing this for the purposes of communicating with others, as it is a wonderfully designed and engineered system that is bringing all people and communities closer together. The program is easy to install and should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the help desk representatives. They’re always more than willing to assist any and all customers.


Securus Technologies Innovates To Help Law Enforcement

There is this incredibly interesting hidden economy inside the United States. The government is responsible for all sorts of services, especially state governments. This responsibility requires state governments to lease and operate buildings, prisons and other facilities. All of these buildings require certain services that include custodial, electrical and telecommunications services. These services are then contracted out to private third-party companies.


Once the contract is secure, that third-party company becomes the only provider of those services to that facility. One of the most lucrative third-party government contracts a company can get its hands on is the telecommunications services. It is especially lucrative if you get a government contract to service a prison.


The largest of these third-party telecommunications companies is Global Tel-Link. They pull them $500 million per year charging for telephone calls to prisoners. But they’ve made the news in a very negative way lately because of their unethical treatment of prisoners and their families. Apparently, they charge enormous rates for a terrible service.


Their biggest competitor is called Securus Technologies. This company takes a different route. Not only do they provide crystal-clear call quality, they also provide Internet services and video chat services. Their prices are reasonable and they boast the largest customer service call center in the industry.


Securus Technologies doesn’t just rest on his laurels. The technologies company also innovates to help law enforcement officers during investigations. Every single phone call made by any prisoner inside a gel that the service is recorded. These phone calls contain incredibly important information for police officers who are looking to prevent crime.


Securus Technologies gives these police officers a cutting edge weapon in preventing crime. A new software innovation enables police officers to quickly search the recorded phone call database for one person’s voice. This allows for concise investigations.