Crisis In Venezuela

The citizens of Venezuela are suffering from a major food shortage. The lines of people waiting for staples are very long. The government, led by President Nicolás Madur, is barely hanging on. He is hoping for a bailout from China or another wealthy sponsor. Ironically, Venezuela has some of the most valuable oil reserves in the world. Unfortunately says expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, the price of oil has gone down in recent months. The sale of oil should be a significant source of income for the nation. Opponents say the president is not utilizing this resource correctly.

Jose Figueroa also said that more rainfall would help the hydroelectric plants run to their full potential. At this time the state workers who work at the plants have been cut to only two work days a week. The opponents of President Maduro have been in control of the parliament for several months, but they wield no real power to institute changes.
A Happy Meal at McDonald’s is about the same price as one third of the average income. People are desperate and it looks like there is no hope in sight. The country needs a financial boost of some kind. Until help arrives, they wait.