O2Pur and the eCigarettes Space

Ecigarettes, or more commonly known as e-cigs, are growing in popularity within the tobacco industry. There are many brands that have aligned with or been bought by the major tobacco companies like British American Tobacco, Reynolds American, and Philip Morris International, due to the newly changing nature of the industry. Some companies like British American Tobacco are betting that the “heat-not-burn” features of ecigarettes will be the latest trend in the coming years: they think the consumption rate will double over this 2018 fiscal year, and so they’ve invested one billion dollars in the technology.

Heat-not-burn technology, or HNB for short, differs from the originally all liquid tobacco sources. In essence, the HNB creates vapor which is safer than purely burning the tobacco. Many companies, such as “O2Pur”, are embracing this new HNB technology. Reynolds, by the way, was the first player in the eCig space with their acquisition of popular “Blu” eCigarette for 135 million dollars, and even the lesser known “Eclipse” in the 1990’s. So BAT’s one billion dollar investment in the eCig space appears that it could have a positive impact on smaller eCig companies like O2Pur.

Another large player in the eCig space is Philip Morris. They developed a small chargeable, cylindrical device that fits easily in your pocket with this HNB technology. As any of these companies are poised to enter the brave new world of electronically-charged tobacco products, it does appear that companies like O2Pur who have a variety of tasty flavors (and a notable value proposition in terms of quantity of product per milliliter of liquid) could provide value to the larger corporations. O2Pur, for example, has fruitful flavors such as “Berry Cheesecake”, “Island Breeze”, and “Caramel Apple”, in addition to other products such as vape pens, chargers, rechargeable batteries, and box modifications to enhance the user experience. Regardless of what these larger corporations end up doing with their investments, it will certainly be interesting to see what happen with the big tobacco companies when the smoke clears in this emerging era of electronic tobacciana.

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