Underground Cheese Making in Brooklyn

In food news, New York is currently setting a trend in avant-garde cheese making. First they pioneered social apps like Skout and now Brooklyners are revolutionizing cheese. Underground Gourmet had previously reported that the Crown Finish Caves had been renovated for cheese storage. The gentrification of the Bergen Street Brewery into high rise apartment complexes was on one piece of the plan that Susan Boyle and Benton Brown had in mind. The couple had not released word until recently how their cheese storage facility had been working out, but it’s a confirmed success by Brooklyn standards. One company storing their cheese under the old brewey, Crown Duchess, is successfully selling their product in Wholefoods for $6.25 per quarter pound. 

What’s so special about cheese which sits in a tunnel anywhere from three to six months? It’s said to have a strong and beefy taste, with a slight mineral tang. Crown Duchess uses raw cow milk procured from Chaseholm Farm Creamery to make the special washed rind cheese. This company is only one of many who are now storing their cheese in these tunnels underground. The space is one of the more exciting exhibitions of Brooklyn’s artisinal food scene, however more farmers are looking to ship in their product from upstate. How long will it be before this trend inspires other creative developers to procure meat lockers or wine cellars deep within the heart of New York’s favorite burrough?