Cassio Audi And The Magic Of His Music

Cassio Audi makes magical music in Brazil every day, and his career has been enhanced by the music he makes. There are quite a few people who wish to do business with Cassio because of his accomplishments, and there are many more who wish to hear his music. His music is an important part of himself and his career, and he knows that he may use his musical experience to help others. This article explains how Cassio does his best for all clients.

#1: The Music He Writes

The music that has been written by Cassio Audi is a major addition to the repertoire of Brazil, and he has been writing for years in this style. He works on music that he believes in, and he wants to share a message with the people that they cannot hear anywhere else. Someone who wishes to enjoy his music may partake at any time.

#2: His Business Career

Cassio has quite a lot of business career, and he knows that there are a number of people who will benefit from his creative mind. Cassio makes changes to the solutions he creates for clients based on his creativity, and he will continue to make changes as his customers receive services.

#3: The Connection Between Business And Music

The connection between business and music is quite important because it is something that helps someone find new solutions. Cassio wants his customers to be soothed after hard days, and they often listen to his music because they love the way he writes. The business decisions that are made are impacted by what Cassio has written.

Cassio Audi has been one of the best and most-innovative people in all of Brazilian business. He is a multi-talented man who is changing lives with the business decisions and music he supports.

Honey Birdette; Taking Over The Undergarment Niche

In the contemporary world, one of the most fashionable trends is online shopping. On a daily basis, more businesses are integrating electronic stores to complement their physical outlets. Lately, Australia-based lingerie producer Honey Birdette joined the party by launching an e-commerce site, exclusively for its clientele living within the United States. The institution also plans to increase the number of shops in the UK from the current three to a projected forty by the end of next year.

Following a hugely successful sales campaign in America, the company decided that it was within its means to establish a US-centred website, to cater specifically to the needs of the locals. The transactions were astounding, going up by over 370% within a relatively short period of twelve months. For this reason, a new website, whose primary objective is to give users a comfy experience, was inaugurated. As a sign of gratitude, Honey Birdette pledged to slash shipping fees for orders worth over fifty dollars.

The ambitious strategic plan does not stop at the website. Additionally, the firm proposes to roll out new physical outlets both in the US and in Britain. The enterprise first ventured into the new ground last year, opening up a store in London. By the end of next year, the business is optimistic that it will have a couple of stores, not only in the UK and the US but also across modern cities in the European continent.

About Honey Birdette

Through their exquisite and elegant designs, Honey Birdette are taking the underwear business by storm. Their primary objective, which was to breathe new life into the bedroom has indeed been achieved. Within its short period of existence, the company has grown by a significant proportion. Currently, the enterprise has over fifty outlets in Australia, three in Britain and several are in the works in numerous locations across the globe.

Honey Birdette was established in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan. The first retail outlet of the establishment was opened in Brisbane, Australia.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America launches diagnostic platform

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of the country’s foremost centers for the treatment of cancer. Using cutting-edge treatments and some of the America’s most talented physicians and oncologists, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has helped thousands of Americans beat cancer and return to fulfilling lives.

Recently, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has implemented a new software program designed to streamline the process of fighting cancer and selecting the appropriate treatment. Its physicians now have at their disposal one of the most advanced and accurate diagnostic systems available today in the cancer treatment field.

The system, named Clinical Pathways, draws from an immense database of evidence-based treatments and clinical information. The system can help oncologists in selecting the most appropriate course for the patient-specific disease characteristics that presents before them. Clinical Pathways has a database of over 2,700 detailed and extensive clinical summaries of treatment programs, drug information and holistic considerations that help the patient get through their specific course of treatment in the highest level of comfort possible.

It is anticipated that clinical diagnostic systems like Clinical Pathways will revolutionize the treatment of cancer, freeing up both patients and physicians to concentrate on more important tasks than worrying about medical minutiae.

According to Wikipedia, the system also eliminates the possibility of making clerical errors that can often times lead to the wrong drugs being prescribed and overdose or deadly adverse drug reactions in some patients. The system will also be used as a way to show patients, and simple to understand terms, the likely clinical course of their disease and the possible spectrum of outcomes that they can expect from their treatment.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the country’s largest network of private cancer treatment facilities. With five branches throughout the United States, it has helped thousands of people overcome the potentially deadly disease and return to a normal and fulfilling life, remaining cancer free.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Leads Modern Cancer Treatment in the United States

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with All Scripts and NantHealth in order to provide even better cancer care treatment than ever before. CTCA and its new partners are going to create Clinical Pathways. Clinical Pathways supplies the physician with information about cutting-edge cancer treatment, proving the physician with unlimited options for treatment by eliminating any guesswork.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988 in Schaumburg, Illinois by Richard J Stephenson who was dissatisfied with the cancer treatment his mother received prior to her death. He created this innovative cancer treatment so others in need of cancer treatment, get better care than Mrs. Stephenson did. Between 2005 and 2012, for CTCA hospitals were opened In addition to Zion, Illinois, there are treatment centers in Philadelphia, PA, Goodyear, AZ, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Newman, Georgia. Two yeas ago, the headquarters of CTCA was moved to Boca Raton, Florida. It’s now known as Cancer Treatment Center of America Global.

Cancer Treatment Center of America is unique because the staff believes that every person with cancer is an individual. It is not just here’s the chemo and the radiation treatment. Cancer Treatment of America can use chemotherapy, but the staff also believes in putting patients on a special diet and creating an individual treatment plan. What might work for some patients may not work well for others.

According to Wikipedia, Cancer Treatment of America has better results than the country’s average. Breast Cancer patients thrive at 20 percent higher results than the country average. Five years after diagnosis prostate cancer averages seven points higher than average. After one year after diagnosis, prostate cancer patients average around 16 points higher success than the national average. In fact, most recently, CTCA is working with immunotherapy to help cancer patients be able to stop chemo treatments.


Dr. Jennifer Walden: A Feminine Touch in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a well-known (and well-liked) plastic surgeon currently based in Austin, Texas, where her medical education began. Walden first graduated with honors from the University of Texas in 1994 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Biology. From there, she continued on to the University of Texas Medical Branch and earned not only highest honors, but the position of Salutatorian for the class of 1998. She completed a General Surgery Internship at the University of Texas Medical Branch in 1999, followed by an Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency under Linda G. Phillips, MD, also at the University of Texas Medical Branch.


Dr. Walden then moved to New York City to complete an Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship in 2004. There she worked at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital under Sherrell J. Aston, MD as well as working as a Clinical Instructor of Surgery (Plastic Surgery) at New York University Langone Medical Center.


As one of the few female board-certified plastic surgeons in the United States, Dr. Jennifer Walden brings a different perspective to her practice. Her “ultimate goal,” according to her website, is to improve the self-esteem of her clients and help their body match their inner personality and beauty. As such, Dr. Walden specializes in many different aspects of plastic surgery, including but not limited to soft tissue injectables, mommy makeovers, celebrity plastic surgery, teenage plastic surgery, breast implants, non- and minimally invasive procedures, and lasers.


Dr. Jennifer Walden’s extensive medical training and specializations make her one of the greatest plastic surgeons in the United States.


Yanni Hufnagel Following Career Path Of Brad Stevens

The NBA does not feature any Jewish players. There aren’t many Jewish coaches to be found at the highest levels of the game, either. The most famous Jewish person associated with basketball was Red Auerbach, the Boston Celtics coach from the 50s and 60s. But it seems like Yanni Hufnagel will be the next famous Jewish man associated with high-level basketball.


Yanni Hufnagel burst onto the scene back in 2009 as an assistant coach for the Harvard Crimson Tide. Harvard is not exactly known for its basketball prowess, but Yanni Hufnagel led the school to its first-ever Ivy League championship. He is the man that literally put the pieces into place for the championship.


As assistant coach, his primary responsibility is recruiting new players for the upcoming season. He is famous for traveling the country to scour for the best talent possible. Yanni Hufnagel is not afraid to hear the word no and is famously tenacious in his recruiting process. This is what allowed him to put together that Harvard championship team. It is also what awarded him the “assistant coach most likely to make it big because of recruiting skills” award in a CBS Sports poll of Division I basketball coaches.


After taking the Harvard Crimson Tide to a 79-24 record in his four-year tenure, he moved on to Vanderbilt. Shortly after, he took an assistant coaching job at the University of California, Berkeley. At UC Berkeley, he put together a top-five recruiting class for the public university before moving on to the University of Nevada at Reno.


Yanni Hufnagel is only in his early 30s and has an illustrious career ahead of him. He seems to be following the same career trajectory as Brad Stevens of the Boston Celtics. You shouldn’t be shocked to see him at the top of a Division I program sometime soon.


Doug Levitt Brings Inspiration To a Cynical Society

This world is filled with a lot of negative and cynical attitudes. Among the mindsets that people have is that the world is a hopelessly terrible place and people are out for one another. The group of people that take the worst of the cynicism are the poor and the struggling. There has been a huge stigma dropped on those that are poor and struggling that they tend to wind up being treated and looked at in horrible ways. Doug Levitt of course was disheartened by such treatment. Therefore, he has decided that maybe there is something that he could do in order to influence people to be more compassionate.


He has decided that he is going to take on a meaningful project with the purpose of fighting the stigma that the poor are faced with. One thing that he has decided to do is travel around and collect stories to put together in his book and album called The Greyhound Diaries. He has spent almost ten years on Greyhound collecting stories. One good thing about it is that he is able to show a diversity among the struggling and also take into account the changes in society that occur and how it can have an effect on people.


The stories range from someone being born at a financial disadvantage to even those who have had it all but have lost it in a series of unfortunate events. He has also decided to write down how they have adapted to their circumstances and what they plan to do about it. Another factor is how long they have been in their circumstances. One of the stories he could present to people is the hope that a lot of the struggling carry about things getting ready to improve. A lot of people will not only realize that the poor and struggling are human, but that they are also rich in their own way.

Healthy Life Hacks


There are a few motivation and life hacks that Wengie uses on a regular basis. Some of these can help with your fitness goals if you’re trying to live healthier. One of the things that you might want to do is exercise more. However, you might be putting off your routine because you don’t have time or you simply don’t want to exercise during the day. Set out an exercise mat anywhere you watch television so that you can exercise while still watching your favorite movie or show. It could be anything from stretching to abdominal crunches.


When you’re running, you might get lost in your own thoughts and end up a long distance away from home. When you’re mind is distracted, you can often run farther with less effort. This has its advantages, which is why many people listen to music while they are running or walking so that they can extend their fitness goals without really thinking about them. You can also listen to audio books.


Try to incorporate exercise into your daily routine whenever possible so that you do it without thinking. Take the stairs instead of an elevator, or add a few brisk steps while you’re walking instead of taking a slow pace to get from the car to the front of the store. You can also sprint up and down a set of steps taking a walk instead of driving if the destination is within walking distance can burn calories without putting in a lot of effort and planning.

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The Life of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a well-known community leader, philanthropist and real estate investor who is currently based in the United States. Milstein is an Israel native who served in the country’s IDF during the great Yom Kippur War. Adam went for his university education at the Technion and graduated in 1978. Milstein relocated and settled in the US in 1981. He went for his MBA and USC in this country. He ventured into the commercial real estate industry in 1983 in Southern California.


Adam Milstein is the national chairman and co-founder of the respected Israeli-American Council. At this institution, Milstein is responsible for the national expansion. Apart from being the chairman of this organization, Milstein sits on several boards of directors. Some of these agencies include Hasbara Fellowships, Israeli on Campus Coalition, Jewish Funders Network and StandwithUs.


Together with his wife Gila Milstein, Adam has managed to establish an institution known as Sifriyat Pijama B’America. The institution has done well under his leadership, providing free books every month in Hebrew. The books teach some of the most important Jewish values to the Jewish communities living in the United States. Milstein is also the founder of Hager Pacific Properties.


In a recent interview, Adam Milstein says that he came up with the idea of Hager Pacific Properties when he relocated to the United States. He came to the country to get better education and entrepreneurship. Before he graduated, he realized that many individuals were coming to the campus to recruit for jobs. However, these people didn’t appreciate the experience and knowledge possessed by Milstein. Most of them offered him very little than the rest of the students. Adam Milstein decided that it was time to go out and work on his own. At first, he worked as a real estate commercial broker. He worked in this position for three years then ventured into the real estate industry as an investor.


As a businessman and community leader, Milstein says that it is tough to predict his daily activities. As he continues to acquire more assets and business, his daily activities to increased. Being involved in philanthropic activities has made his day to day activities easier and more satisfying than before.



Maggie Gill Provides a Good Solution–By Way of New Partnering with Eon Health:

The coupling of Eon Health and Memorial University Medical Center, in Savannah, Georgia with Respect to the New Medicare Advantage Plan is Indicative of a Strong Healthcare Alliance:


Memorial Health’s, CEO and President, Maggie Gill, has provided the progressive healthcare provider an apt and reliable solution in her partnering with well-established, and highly reliable Eon Health, as it pertains to the new Medicare Advantage Plan. Ms. Gill, has a history of providing her clients with cost-saving and reliable healthcare systems and solutions. The preceding action, by Memorial Health’s distinguished CEO, Maggie Gill—presents as no exception.


Persons who are beneficiaries of Medicare in South Carolina and within Southeast Georgia, now, have an option, when it comes to the new Medicare Advantage plan. Eon Health and Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) have become partners, by providing a plan inclusive of a favorable zero-dollar premium and pharmaceutical benefits, complete with reduced co-pays.


The Medicare Advantage Plans are available to Medicare beneficiaries in Bryan and Chatham Counties, within Georgia; and Jasper, Beaufort, Hampton, and Colleton counties in South Carolina. The plans are available as of January 1st of 2017. The plan is inclusive of “Special Needs Plans,” for persons suffering from chronic-type of illnesses; and other eligible beneficiaries.


Plan benefits include the following:


1—Reduced co-pays in way of primary care provider visits and visits to specialists;

2—Benefits with respect to hospitalization;

3—No referral is needed in order to see a provider within the healthcare network;

4—Transportation benefits exist with regard to particular plans;

5—Silver-Sneakers Fitness Program;

6—Dental benefits in the way of preventative medicine, comprehensive medicine, and dentures;

7—An OTC monthly benefits allowance;

8—Benefits with respect to hearing; and,

9—Member Rewards program.


Maggie Gill, CEO and President of Memorial Health, stated that Eon Health’s preventative care emphasis was a good fit with that of Memorial Health. She further indicated that Memorial Health and Eon would work in cooperation to assist their patients to live healthier lives and to provide easy access to proper levels of health care.


Dr. Austin lfedirah, President and CEO of Eon Health, mentioned a partnership with Memorial Health was indicative of his organization’s strategy, in assuring delivery of quality healthcare services. Eon Health Inc., is a Medicare Advantage Plan. It has a service area, which covers sixty-eight counties, inside of South Carolina and Georgia.


Maggie Gill, in her alliance with Eon Health, is demonstrating, yet, another fine achievement, on her part, in assuring Memorial Health’s senior clients are provided with the best level of healthcare service. She provides the preceding successful outcome by way of economical servicing of her clientele; while providing and maintaining quality care of that populace. She sees the two preceding key elements as fundamental in arriving in way of a successful outcome.