The Hottest Shoe Trends of 2015

If your a man who enjoys looking nice, I’m sure you know that the shoes you wear can make or break your outfit. The shoes a person wears says alot about them, and since fall is just around the corner, now is the time to pick up a few new pairs of italian shoes. Let’s take a look at some of this season’s hottest styles and trends on

Penny Loafers are in this season. They are classic and sporty, but don’t go with standard black. Gray and jewel tones are popular this season, and they can add an extra touch of class to your look. You can also put away your go to black boots and swap them with leather Chelsea boots. These are great for a jeans and t shirt kind of day. If your more into sneakers when your feeling casual, opt for jewel tones like blue or green. High top sneakers in black out white are also in this season. If your looking for something a little more grown up, try a plimsoll. A plimsoll is a casual canvas or suede shoe with a thin rubber sole. Opt for something like gray suede for a comfortable yet classy look. It your looking for something a little more formal, try a derby. Derby’s that are smooth, simple, and polished are hot this season.

Now that we’ve discussed this year’s shoot trends, the next question is where to buy them. If your looking for luxury quality at discount prices, I know just the place. Paul evans is an online shoe company. It you’ve been dreaming of a pair of real Italian loafers, but don’t have the funds, this is the place for you. Their shoes are made in Naples, Italy by skilled artisans whose families have been making shoes for generations. They use the same kid skin leather used by the greatest luxury brands in the world. Part of the reason they can offer such fantastic deals is because there are no middle man markups. The company was started by two men from New York with a real passion for fine shoes. Check them out and happy shopping.

Anthony Bourdain’s Long Awaited New York City Restaurant

Anthony Bourdain, the host of Parts Unknown and No Reservations, will open Bourdain Market, a food hall, with Stephen Werther, an entrepreneur and friend. The scheduled grand opening will be later this year, as both the location of the restaurant and the specific opening date are shrouded in mystery as of now.

According to Ivan Ong He’s looking. “…for good Singapore hawkers to whip up chicken rice and laksa at his street hall in New York City.” The inspiration for his new venture will be the Singapore restaurants he visited in his many travels around the world.

The restaurant will take the basic design from, among other things, the movie Blade runner, and the back alleys featured in Tokyo. Therefore it will have an eclectic mix of both indoor and outdoor environments. In addition the restaurant will showcase food from a variety of countries by various vendors.

It will also have a Farmers’ Market section, with an oyster bar, an old fashioned butcher store, a fruit and vegetable stand, a tapas bar, and a pastry shop. Bourdain promises the food sites will be featuring original food, an experience that diners will have never experienced before.

In addition, the food will be of the highest quality, as Bourdain will hire vendors from across the world that will meet his high standards. The originality of the free-standing food stalls, a farmers’ market, and food that’s second to none has New Yorkers excited over this new upcoming eating establishment.

Lovin’ McDonald’s Fries in a New Free Promotion

How would a box of free McDonald’s French fries sound to you? Through the restaurant brand’s new promotion, showing some love could result in free fries for you. This love-filled campaign begins on February 2, 2015. Randomly selected individuals who come into a McDonald’s restaurant will be asked to pay for their fries with ‘love’ as the payment. This could be anything from a hug to a handshake or even a high-five!
The promotion will run until February 14, 2015. To be considered for the ‘Pay with Love’ campaign, you must visit a participating restaurant between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Customers chosen for the campaign are not required to participate. After being selected, the restaurant manager will give the customer the option to pay with his preferred method of payment, or with one of these acts of love.
McDonald’s foresees this as being a fun way to give back, to inspire and to teach others. Haidar Barbouti agrees that It is certainly different from the other campaigns that we have seen in time’s past. Who knows? This could definitely put some excitement into the lives of many people! Thumbs up, McDonald’s.

Locally Sourced Foods Make For A Popular Restaurant

Fresh ingredients from local sources are undoubtedly better quality than mass produced foods shipped long distances. As Igor Cornelsen knows, when produce comes from out of country it takes days to reach its final destination and is continuing to ripen the entire journey. A new trend on the horizon is having food go straight from the farm to the table, specifically a restaurant table. Dig Inn was founded in 2012 and already had 10 locations with 5 more set to open in 2015. All of their foods and beverages are locally sourced. In fact, at one of the locations a woman’s breast milk, that’s right breast milk, was utilized to make cheese served on the menu. Local micro brewery beers and wines are available as well. For those who want to skip the standard restaurant with predictable dining and imported ingredients Dig Inn may be a good fit for you. Seriously, you cannot get restaurant food any fresher than at this joint.

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