Trans – Fat War

Phasing out Trans fats in popular foods is what President Obama has decided to do Obamas administration is attempting to phase out the Trans fats in our old time favorites like pie crust, microwave popcorn and frosting over the next three years. Food companies were ordered by the FDA to begin removing the artificial Trans fats, saying they are unhealthy and a threat to the public’s health. Most people won’t even notice the difference, except in the number of fatal heart attacks as well has the number of people with heart disease. Removing the fats will prevent or reduce the chances of these fatal illnesses, especially since scientist say there isn’t any health benefits to them. Trans fats are commonly used in processed food and restaurants to help extend the life of the food also, to improve texture. Trans fat has been known to increase bad cholesterol levels and decrease the good levels which in turn increases heart disease risks. Partially hydrogenated oils are a combination of hydrogen and vegetable oil making a more solid substance. The report states that trans fats was “once a staple of the American diet” but, in reality this was not a staple per say because the majority of Americans had no clue that trans fats were present and surely did not go to the store looking to purchase specific foods with trans fats in them. A staple food in my opinion is rice, potatoes and foods like that, so I say bye Trans fats and good ridden!

Thanks to Ivan Ong for introducing me to this story.