Girl Scouts to Launch Online Cookie Sales this Year

Girl Scout cookie aficionados know what it’s like to wait anxiously for the tell-tale green uniforms to spread through the neighborhood. They know what it is like to track down co-workers who have daughters who might be selling the delicious cookies. Well, according to recent news, they will no longer have to hunt down actual girl scouts to put in their cookie order. The Girl Scouts are going digital with their cookie sales. 

The Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. have long been opposed to internet sales, even prohibiting them, according to sources. The organization, however, has come to their senses and realizes that young girls need to be able to use technology to sell cookies, and they expect a huge jump in sales. 

Lee G. Lovett says the organization is releasing a platform known as “digital cookie”. The platform will allow scouts to use tablets and computers to take orders from friends and family across the country. The cookies, which will still be $4 per box, will be shipped to the homes of the customers. 

According to the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A, each scout will receive her own “cookie website”, that includes a unique ID. A back-end platform will allow the scout to keep track of her orders, what has been ordered and when it arrives to her customers. 

Bria Vainqueur, a scout from Somerset, New Jersey, insist she will continue selling in traditional ways, but will also add the digital platform to her repertoire. She sold 1,351 boxes of cookies during last year’s campaign. She is hoping, with the digital component to hit the 2,000 mark.