Could You Give Up Eating Sugar?

Eating sugar is just a natural part of life to many of us Americans. Anastasia Date said that we grew up on sugary drinks and treats and have never really put any thought into how eating this way could affect our health. Or maybe we’ve just tried to ignore it because we just love cookies and soda and candy so much. I know that I personally could never give up these treats.

But, experts are now saying that exercising isn’t enough. It won’t help us because eating sugar is what is making us unhealthy. They think that even if you are exercising and getting in a good workout every day, but still eating your cake and pies, then you are not going to be in shape.

Do you agree with their opinion and believe it? Are you going to make a change in your life and your diet because of it? Or, is sugar too big a part of your life to give it up?

I know that I personally would never want to give up sugar completely, but maybe it is time that we all began to cut back on our consumption of it for our own health. It sure couldn’t hurt anything.