All About The Chain Smokers

Alex pall and his friend Andrew Taggart duo formed the Chainsmokers band. Before they met to form the band, Alex used to be a DJ in the city. Andrew was a producer and decided to venture into music.

Adam Alpert is the man who introduced the two duos into each other. Pall grew up as a DJ and attended the University of New York to do business and art history. Andrew attended the University of Syracuse where he went for an intern at Interscope records, that was before the duo met. He had some interest in being a DJ and he released some of the original songs at the sound cloud. Adam advised Andrew to leave Maine and join Pall to form a duo that he was managing.

The two Americans have achieved much in music, especially after Alex retiring from being a DJ. They achieved a breakthrough in the music industry in 2014 with a song titled “Selfie”. The song hit the market and was among the top singles in many countries.

In 2015, they did a song that hit the US Billboard being among the hot 100. The song called “Roses” upgraded them and became recognized. They later did a song called “Don’t let me down” which won many peoples heart. They were voted and made them win a Grammy award as the best dance recording during the 59th award ceremony.

Music has given them achievements. In addition, they have also won two of American music awards together with awards from iHeartRadio music.

Even three weeks in the start of 2018 and the duo decided to hit their loyal listeners with a new hit. It was a gift for the new year. The song was a rock dance called “sick boy”. The question to wonder is about the sick boy. What it matters most about being a sick boy? It was an evolution for the chainsmokers as calendar flip forward.

It was a good sympathizer song with emotive piano keys and drum thumps that are steady. It cracked its way again into Billboards of the USA among hot 100 charts. It was capable to match its way up using a ladder to become a top radio position in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. It hit all the continents of these countries.

S’well is Not an Ordinary Water Bottle

S’well is a reusable water bottle that customers love. Not only does it keep beverages cold for 24 hours, it also keeps hot beverages warm for 12 hours. Beside this fact, S’well water bottles also come in a variety of bright or patterned colors.

The founder of S’well, Sarah Kauss, according to Wikipedia. She graduated from the Harvard Business School. The water bottles she designed are made of stainless steel. They are double insulated, which is why they are so effective for both hot and cold drinks.

Kauss caught a big break when Starbucks noticed the quality of her water bottles. Starbucks now is both a promoter and retailer of S’well water bottles. After all, S’well can keep Starbuck’s coffee hot during an entire work day.

One of the things that make S’well so marketable is the colorful array of colors these water bottles come in. S’well is also functional. The bottles come in an assortment of sizes as well.

Another reason for S’well’s success may be due to its charitable contributions. S’well supports UNICEF and a program called Drink Up. Supporting water charities is a noble gesture by a new company such as S’well.

S’well makes a great water bottle. It is so well made Starbucks even sells it in their coffee shops. It is colorful, fun, effective and reusable. What’s not to like?