Ice Will Be Needed This Summer

NexPointAdvisors reminds us that the summertime is when everyone decides to workout. However, it is very dangerous to workout without placing ice on the body. However, where a person places this ice is key.

A study was recently conducted regarding ice and the cooling of skin. Several people sucked down a slushy before going on a long run. Several other people put on underwear that had been frozen.

After the workout, it proved that both individuals were able to sustain longer workouts than individuals that do not partake of any type of ice before their workout. The individuals with the frozen underwear were a little less drained than those whom sipped down a slushy but not by much. This is because the skin cools during the entire workout whereas an individual does not run with a slushy in hand.

Due to this study, many individuals are cooling their body before their daily workout. This is because they will be able to workout for a longer period of time, which means they will burn fat and become fit at a faster rate. Being able to workout for a longer period of time will also make people healthier, so they will be happier in the end.

These types of studies are going to continue to be conducted in various forms. There are many people interested in knowing how cool the skin can last during a workout in the hot sun.