All About The Chain Smokers

Alex pall and his friend Andrew Taggart duo formed the Chainsmokers band. Before they met to form the band, Alex used to be a DJ in the city. Andrew was a producer and decided to venture into music.

Adam Alpert is the man who introduced the two duos into each other. Pall grew up as a DJ and attended the University of New York to do business and art history. Andrew attended the University of Syracuse where he went for an intern at Interscope records, that was before the duo met. He had some interest in being a DJ and he released some of the original songs at the sound cloud. Adam advised Andrew to leave Maine and join Pall to form a duo that he was managing.

The two Americans have achieved much in music, especially after Alex retiring from being a DJ. They achieved a breakthrough in the music industry in 2014 with a song titled “Selfie”. The song hit the market and was among the top singles in many countries.

In 2015, they did a song that hit the US Billboard being among the hot 100. The song called “Roses” upgraded them and became recognized. They later did a song called “Don’t let me down” which won many peoples heart. They were voted and made them win a Grammy award as the best dance recording during the 59th award ceremony.

Music has given them achievements. In addition, they have also won two of American music awards together with awards from iHeartRadio music.

Even three weeks in the start of 2018 and the duo decided to hit their loyal listeners with a new hit. It was a gift for the new year. The song was a rock dance called “sick boy”. The question to wonder is about the sick boy. What it matters most about being a sick boy? It was an evolution for the chainsmokers as calendar flip forward.

It was a good sympathizer song with emotive piano keys and drum thumps that are steady. It cracked its way again into Billboards of the USA among hot 100 charts. It was capable to match its way up using a ladder to become a top radio position in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. It hit all the continents of these countries.

Magnises And The Gratitude From Social Media

Magnises has done a lot to make dreams come true. While a lot of people have dreams of running their own successful business and attending some of the more exclusive events, very few people find a way to make it happen. For one thing, a lot of people are left out of the loop. Another thing is that one needs connections in order for it to happen. These types of connections are not very likely to form. One would have to be extremely fortunate for this to happen. Therefore, a lot of dreams are left to die. Fortunately, Magnises has come to keep the dream alive.


Magnises offers people chances to visit special events and network with each other so that they will be able to achieve higher level of success. This agency is designed for millennials. This gives people the chance to have the type of lifestyle that is highly desired at a very young age. In this new economy, success depends on one’s ability to build a network. Magnises takes care of the hard part of building the network. The results are more than satisfactory for people. Magnises has a ton of good reviews from clients on the web.


Magnises also has a lot of gratitude on its social media. For instance, Twitter is filled with people talking about all of the good things that Magnises has done for them. People who are a part of Magnises also get to take pictures of the events they are a part of and post it on their Twitter feed.


Magnises is a chance for everyone to be someone. Young people have a better chance than before to live an extravagant life. The company is showing that the days of settling into a rut are over. Young people are going to have a lot of stories of living fulfilled lives.