Healthy Snacks for the Day

Eating healthy doesn’t have to include a large salad or a plate of vegetables. There are some items that you can prepare that you can take with you that are healthy for you and your children. They make the ideal snack for school or for an after work treat. Combine a few kinds of nuts and cumin for a sweet trail mix. Add raisins and a few chocolate chips to increase the sweetness of the mix. Sam Tabar says that if you slice a few apples and put peanut butter on them to make a sandwich for a treat with protein. Peanut butter is ideal to use with almost anything as it doesn’t run when it’s on the food. Add it to a piece of celery or crackers for a crunchy snack. Make a tortilla wrap with slices of cheese and meats like turkey or ham. Sliced bananas with peanut butter and raisins are also a nice treat that has plenty of potassium and protein.