The Importance Of Sleep

Everyone is aware of how they feel on a given night when they don’t get enough sleep. You can feel groggy, cranky, confused or just downright lousy. A constant lack of sleep can actually lead to a whole variety of health issues such as an increase in cardiovascular disease, an increased risk of cancer and a slow metabolism that can lead to obesity. It is recommended that everyone gets approximately seven hours of sleep each night in order to feel their best and also for the body to be able to function optimally. Ideally, a person should get to bed before midnight as much as possible. Any hours of sleep that occur before this hour are the best quality hours. This is when the body will repair itself and rejuvenate itself. Cells are repaired and the body resets.

As the years go on, more and more people are getting less and less sleep each night. This can be because of stress that keeps a person awake, too many things to do that prevents a person from getting to bed on time, children who keep their parents up at night and even addictions to cigarettes and alcohol that can affect sleep patterns and quality of sleep. Dr. Daniel Amen suggests that many studies have been done that explain the importance of sleep but people still are ignoring the results. Even people who get seven hours each day but sleep at off times because of working the night shift, can shave years off their life.