Securus Technologies Sets Another Benchmark As Eleven Field Specialists Get BICSI Installer Certification

Field Service Specialists from around the world continuously seek high-end certifications, which help them enhance their knowledge and keep them up-to-date with the latest high-tech gadgets. However, there are few certifications that include intensive hands-on experience. The BICSI Installer Certification is among these highly coveted certifications, which takes a toll on those who try to achieve it because it requires participants to pass tough exams. Therefore, achieving the certification is not an easy task.


Recently, eleven field service specialists from Securus Technologies received the prestigious BICSI Installer I Certification. Although, Securus Technologies has a long history of investment in its employees, the certification reflects the pinnacle of achievement in the industry. The certification will help set a new benchmark for the criminal justice telecommunications industry, which is already accustomed to the innovative products of Securus Technologies in criminal facilities around the nation.

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As suggested, BICSI Installer I Certification requires intensive knowledge of the information and communication technology. As such, the certification cover the entire subject of ICT including voice, data, audio and video. During the certification process. In addition, participants learn to design, install, manage and maintain complex ICT projects, which depict real-time scenarios. These projects also involve pathways, spaces, optical fiber- and copper-based distribution systems, and wireless-based systems and infrastructure.


Commenting on the certification, SVP of Operations at Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos insisted that such highly-acclaimed certifications are necessary to fulfill the demands of their customers. Because services offered by his company are often seen as a benchmark, therefore field specialist need to develop expertise that can address some of the most complicated issues faced by the criminal justice system. He also claimed that the experience of his experts is also vital to achieving the successful certification. Interestingly, field specialists working with the company average 15 years of tenure with Securus Technologies.


The Advantages of ConnectUs Automated Forms by Securus Technologies

Technology has come a long way since 1986, when Securus Technologies first launched. This group comes from Texas originally, and since their initial launch have spread throughout the country. Currently, Securus Technologies can boast some 2,600 facilities that use their products. That number seems to increase on a steady basis, and it’s no wonder why. Besides having an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, this organization also regularly provides cutting edge technological solutions to its clients that save them thousands of dollars a year; solutions like ConnectUs Automated Forms.


ConnectUs Automated Forms is more than just a means by which prisoners can send forms digitally. In itself, that’s an excellent time and resource saver. When a prisoner can send a form over digital media, rather than physically giving it to an officer who must walk it to the appropriate place, where it is filed and eventually dealt with, substantial quotients of time can be preserved. From complaints and grievances forms to medical records and signup sheets, there are many areas in a modern correctional facility where digital automation can save. But ConnectUs also provides so much more.


Inmates using this new program will have access to applications, features, and support like never before. Additionally, those authorities monitoring use have complete control over what inmates can and cannot have access to. Educational opportunities abound, and don’t cost extra for books, pens, pencils, or paper. Families and friends can contact their incarcerated brethren with more ease, and correctional facilities save money while retaining taut control over day-to-day activities.


Securus Technologies has provided another game-changing technological innovation that will likely save millions across the country and do a great deal to help curb recidivism statistics. When resources can be freed up in a correctional facility’s budget, they can be devoted to more conducive means of normalizing and rehabilitating prisoners.


How Securus Technologies Has Enhanced Communication Between Inmates and their Families

I believe that Securus Technologies has managed to play a big part in the lives of the inmates and their family members back at home. With new improved technological features, the inmates can better communicate with their families and share some of the moments with them at home. The feeling that the prisoners get talking and conversing with their families is utterly fulfilling and helps in their rehabilitation process.

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I also believe that the new advanced video visitation feature by the technology giant will go to a large extent in ensuring that families of the incarcerated person get to honor their loved one in jail. The family back at home can organize a concert where each family member participates in honoring the person and showing the love they have for him and how much he or she is missed at home. The effort made by the families in honoring their loved ones is a touching gesture from the family, and once again Securus Technologies has gone and extra mile to ensure that the distance does not make the inmates and families become strangers. The video quality of the new technology feature by Securus is user-friendly for most prisoners and is also fair to many people who are in prison. It ensures that the prisoner sees the kind of family he or she has and works towards his rehabilitation to join them once he is out. Therefore, this technology will help the prisoners with the recovery process as well as sharing special moments with a spouse and catching up with children who are at home.

Securus Technologies is one of the most established companies that have been serving correctional institutions in many States in the United States. The company started by offering simple telephone services for inmates to their families but has over the years improved the services to better aid communication. They have introduced the video visitation technology that will ensure that families can connect without having to go down to the prison which helps in saving money. The advantage of the new technology is that anyone using an iPhone, iPad or an Android device can use the feature for communication. Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Dallas in the State of Texas and has established other regional offices. The company serves at least three thousand four hundred correctional facilities in most of the States serving over one million inmates.

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