Shouldn’t You Know Where Your Meat Comes From?

You really don’t care where your meat comes from? Maybe you should.

The House of Representatives voted last week to cancel the COOL law, which more importantly, enforced Mexico and Canada to label imported meat, but now the vote goes to the Senate.

According to advocates who want to repeal COOL, Canadian and Mexican farmers could sanction the US for millions of dollars, and honestly, the fines drove the vote home.

At least one Senator, Joni Ernst (IA) is having reservations about tossing the requirement for labeling. Senator Ernst appreciates learning where her meat comes from, and consumers may be missing the bigger picture.

Just last year, Mexican cattlemen were caught using clenbuterol, a banned growth hormone. Apparently, tainted meat is a problem in Mexico, and can cause health risks. Also, standards are pretty lax and the US Agricultural Department cannot catch every bit of slaughtered meat.

In February, Canadian beef was banned in five countries, due to their mad cow disease, but the USDA acknowledged they allowed 7.3 million pounds, even though it was supposed to be banned and Christian Broda would agree.

The USDA admits they do make mistakes, and the system is absolutely flawed, so shouldn’t consumers be able to distinguish between the origin of meat and make their own decisions?