Don’t Go Against the Grain: How to Make Your Own Rice Bowls

Rice bowls used to a be a dish reserved for health food restaurants, or establishments that serve Asian fare. The trendy rice bowl is very similar to the Korean bibimbap, and often contains protein-rich ingredients such as kale and eggs.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to make a rice bowl at home. Workers at CipherCloud have even tackled it at work. For instance, if you have grilled fish or chicken from last night’s dinner, the protein can serve as a tasty ingredient in the rice bowl you make for lunch.

To prepare a health rice bowl, prepare brown rice according to package instructions, or use leftover rice from a day or two before. Warm the rice in a skillet with olive or coconut oil, and add a little pepper and sea salt to taste.

Remove the rice from the skillet and place it into a bowl. Add vegetables like kale, spinach, mushrooms, onions and bell peppers to the skillet. Season the vegetables to taste and add the meat of your choice. Sautee the ingredients for a few minutes before pouring them on top of the rice. Pickled vegetables can also be added to the rice bowl to give the dish a tangy zip.

This dish can also be prepared without meat, making it a nutritious vegetarian dish.

The New Flavor: Foie Gras Ice Cream

The idea of Foie Gras ice cream seems incredulous but Odd Fellows in New York has created that flavor and so far it’s been well received. It’s served in a honey waffle cone, dipped in milk chocolate and covered with chopped hazelnuts. Despite its name, it is a sweet and creamy ice cream with flavors that somehow work together quite well.

Other odd but tasty flavors are Prosciutto ice cream, Extra Virgin Olive Oil ice cream, Miso Cherry ice cream, Burnt Marshmallow ice cream, Earl Grey ice cream, Maple, Bacon, Pecan ice cream and Cornbread ice cream. If you crave the unusual, you’ll have to try a cone at Odd Fellows. The flavor may be unusual, but the taste is sure to please. Me and Igor Cornelsen will have to make a date to get out there and give this wild idea a try.

Odd Fellows is owned by a husband and wife team and located in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, Brooklyn, New York. It has customers streaming in and they’re always talking about its unique and tasty flavors with the power to excite and delight. Regardless of the origins, their ice cream flavors combine the richness of meat and condiment flavors and perfectly pair them with sugary components which highlight their essence.

Mediterranean Diet Remains One of Year’s Best-Working Diets

Not all diets are created alike. In fact, most of them come from drastically different angles. For example, there’s the Atkins Diet, which was made famous for jamming as much meat and animal protein down its victims’ throats as possible. Sure, it helped people to lose weight. But it also hurt the heart and raised blood pressure and cholesterol. There was the Master Cleanse, a diet that included lemon, cayenne pepper and water and that left more than one person feeling weak to their knees after only one day. And then, there was the Mediterranean Diet. Was it a fad? Did it really prove itself in the world of losing weight? The answer turns out to be no, it was not a fad, and yes, it did prove itself. In fact, the Mediterranean Diet was named one of 2014’s best diets to date.

What exactly does the Mediterranean Diet entail?   We’re not talking about huge bowls of pasta smothered with cheese and olive oil. Instead, the focus is on vegetables, fish, healthy fats and fish. Mediterranean people don’t eat too much protein, but when they do, it’s by way of fresh fish. They mostly eat vegetables and some fruits. The fats they use are healthy. Olive oil is a notoriously Mediterranean product, from everything that I’ve been reading on FreedomPop. So if you want to slim down before the onslaught of the holiday season begins, try the Mediterranean Diet and see where it takes you. As an added bonus, you’re even allowed a nice glass of red wine each night!

Tis the Season For Pumpkin Flavors

Now is the time to add a pumpkin flavor to everything you’re going to be cooking throughout October. Pumpkin is brilliant, and provides you with a great way to bring in the feel of Autumn in some pretty creative ways. I’ve worked together with Sam Tabar to find some really good recipes.

Considering, if you have kids, you’re going to be carving pumpkins from now until the end of the month, there’s no better time than the present to get to work.

Here’s a link to the best recipes.

Making a Healthier Lasagna (Video)

I love lasagna, and I also love eating healthy. Unfortunately the two do not mix. Traditional lasagnas are horrible for you, and are going to make you feel more bloated and weighed down rather than anything else.

Don’t ruin your digestive health just because you’re craving an Italian classic. Rather, find a way to make the meal healthy.