Jason Halpern’s Career as A Successful Property Developer

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is a very successful real estate developer that lives in the city of New York. He develops residential and hospitality properties including new building and repurposed buildings that are historical in nature. One of his specialties is using adaptive reuse technologies and techniques that maintain the character of historical buildings, including those on the National Register of Historic Places while repurposing them for modern day usage.

Halpern comes from a family of property developers, which is why he entered the industry at a young age. His firm, JMH Development, offers a full-service real estate experience that includes building, reconstruction, and property management. He has built a team of professionals at JMH Development that is experienced at all stages of real estate which includes site selection, building design, construction, and marketing and branding that starts when a building approaches completion.

The real estate markets that Jason Halpern concentrates on are located in Brooklynn, Manhattan, and Miami Beach. He builds high-end properties that appeal to affluent individuals and families that are located in desirable neighborhoods. One of his major successes as the Principal of JMH Development was rebuilding and adding onto the historic Motel Ankara in Miami Beach, Florida. While keeping the historic character of the building, he completely renovated the property and added a new eight-story tower that contains additional rooms which are larger than what other hotels in the area provide.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

He renamed the building as the Aloft South Beach and markets the hotel as the one with the largest and most comfortable rooms on the beach. Additionally, he markets how the hotel is close to desirable locations such as the Miami Beach Convention Center, several art galleries, and numerous bars and restaurants.

Jason’s Family

Among the other featured projects at JMH Development that Jason Halpern has successfully led, the property at 184 Kent in Brooklyn is one of the most successful. This is a property on the waterfront that used to house one of the biggest grocery stores in the world. It now attracts people to its 340 luxury rental apartments that feature high-end touches throughout the rooms and the rest of the property.

Arthur Becker Has A Eye For Real Estate

There are many ways for people to become financially successful in the business world. One of the routes that many people choose as a way to attempt financial success in the business world is real estate investing. The real estate market has many opportunities for people interested in becoming successful through real estate investments. There are numerous reasons why real estate is a great way for people to improve their financial situation.

While there are numerous reasons, a primary reason is that real estate is a popular way for people to pursue financial success. It allows people to gain assets while using other people’s money. Many people who purchase real estate do so by securing loans from banks or other lending institutions. People pay the loans back over a period of time while still maintaining the real estate purchased with the help of the loans.

Many people have been able to accumulate wealth by purchasing real estate. One of the people who has been very successful in the real estate market is Arthur Becker. A businessman who has been successful in many areas of the business world, Arthur Becker has great business instincts. He is an investor who has invested well in the biotech and info tech fields. In addition, he has been very successful in real estate investing.

Arthur Becker primary location area for real estate investing is New York. According to NY Magazine, in the New York area, Arthur Becker has invested in various real estate projects. One of the real estate projects that Arthur Becker has invested heavily in is the Sullivan project, which is a real estate project involving luxury townhouses.

Recently Arthur Becker became owner of three townhouses in the Sullivan area. In a report by therealdeal.com, the townhouses are prime real estate in a great location in New York. Arthur Becker has also invested in other real estate projects in New York that include JDS Development Group, Property Markets Group, and AmBase Corp.

Arthur Becker is an excellent investor. He understands all aspects of the markets where he makes investments, and he is not afraid to make deals. The real estate investments that Arthur Becker maintains in New York are top end investments that are worth millions of dollars.