The Achievements of Rocketship Education

Since its establishment a decade ago in San Jose, California, Rocketship Education has made a great impact on the community it serves. It continues to learn much on how to improve its services to the students and the community as a whole. Given that the institution was the pioneer of personalized learning, it was the center of discussions. It continued to advocate for the integration of technology to help students in learning and to promote student agency. According to Rocketship Education, personalized learning is not all about integrating tech into education. It has more to do with understanding the individual needs and interests of each student and family. Each year, the organization visits homes, a move that is part of the personalized learning model.

The primary focus of Rocketship Education is in the elementary education. Lots of encouragements from parents, partners, and funders have come through urging the institution to build a K-12system. As tempting as this proposal may be, the organization believes that its primary motivation is to transform the public school system rather than create a parallel system. Since this institution offers elementary education only, parents are encouraged to advocate for quality middle and high schools, since they have an active parent leadership program.

Students from all walks of life are welcomed in Rocketship Education. This school believes in diversity. It integrates teachers and administration from all ethnicity, race, and class. In the initial years of Rocketship Education, there was a real struggle attempting to develop a quality program that serves students with disabilities. Over time, the school developed a program that it is proud of. The program provides for the students to spend 80 present of their day in general education classrooms. The aim for this is to have an all-inclusive system.

Rocketship Public School is a non-profit organization that believes that there is no limit to the potential of humans. They also take it upon themselves to discover and exploit the potential vested in each of the students in the institution. The organization is made up of parents, teachers, and learners who work in close cooperation with the aim of making the future better, especially for children who hail from the undeserved communities. It also is determined to bridge the existing gap regarding achievement.