Stream Energy Invents a New Philanthropic Formula

Stream Energy will best be remembered for its intervention in the Hurricane Harvey disaster in which it helped to construct shelters for the affected communities in Dallas. The company worked through its philanthropic Stream Cares Foundation to bring a smile on the faces of the many Dallas residents who had suddenly been rendered homeless by the hurricane catastrophe.

Hurricane Harvey Misfortune and the Angels of Grace

Houston neighborhoods were not places to visit in the wake of the now greatly revered catastrophe of Hurricane Harvey. Many organizations and established companies could do little to help the desperate communities under siege. Many people lost their lives while others were injured and made homeless. However, Stream Cares intervened. Stream Energy moved in with the resources it has collected from its energy sales activities and chipped in the hour of need. There is nothing ever more excruciating than being left with nothing to count on as one’s own property, and yet still look up and be reminded that there is no shelter to hide under. So the action by Stream was not in vain. In fact, it is what the residents of Houston needed more than anything else for an immediate mitigation of their situation. Stream Energy has particularly set a great example in the Hurricane Harvey disaster. Their activities are the excellent example of how companies can balance their business objectives and community support.

Embracing Clients with Philanthropic Deeds

The Stream Energy Management says that giving is part of its core values and mission. Consequently, it formed Stream Cares Foundation to specifically handle the philanthropic needs of its clients and communities around which it operates. Stream Cares Foundation operates within Texas and beyond. The company says that it has operated for over 12 years, now; the company has been pursuing the charity and philanthropic agenda and says it is pleased to see that it has made an impact in the lives of many citizens of USA. Stream Cares Foundation is an idea that seeks to set a new way of working with communities. The outfit offers a chance to give back to society while at the same time building the brand’s name.