Yash Mori Interview on Digital Organization with NGP VAN

The article revolves around an interview between NGP VAN author Michelle Stockwell and Yash Mori. Yash Mori has over the years been involved in digital organizing and also video production. The man has been dramatically involved in progressive movements and campaigns including the Hillary for America and many more. Yash explains that he started the digital organizing when one of his friends got a deportation order in North Carolina. After they won the case, Yash later became an active community organizer. It was from there when he began digital organization. According to Yash, a good story is made by two things: being rooted in the truth of the community and also living the experience which could be you or someone very close to you.

According to Yash in the NGP VAN interview, there is the need for those involved in the organizing to ensure that they listen to the concerns of the communities they are representing. Mori added that all the movements and campaigns that he has been involved in are to ensure that he comes up with solutions that work for all. Yash Mori told NGP Van that it is essential for all movements to know that persistence is the key to achieve whatever they are advocating for. The changes ought to understand that it is never going to be comfortable and they should learn to stand when knocked down.

NGP VAN is a firm that provides technology and also a platform for fundraising and social networking products and also organizing progressive and democratic organizations and campaigns. The firm provides online contributions, social network integration, event management solutions, contact management and also targeted email. The firm was founded in 2001 named voter Activation Network but later in 2011 changed to NGP VAN Inc. it has offices in Washington D.C and also in Massachusetts.