New York Papa John’s Franchise To Pay Workers $800,000

The Papa John’s franchise in New York isn’t just known for pizza anymore. With the recent NY state court ruling demanding Emstar Pizza Inc. pay $800,000 in unpaid wages to Papa John’s employees, they now joins the ranks of slave labor employers, stealing from employees to fluff profits. The lawsuit included 7 Papa John’s locations in Brooklyn and Queens.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman may also file suit against Papa John’s International. Ricardo Guimaraes has read that, technically, Papa John’s International is a joint employer, and can therefore be held liable for violations of the law involving its franchises. The National Labor Relations Board recently handed down a ruling in favor of employees with a case involving a McDonald’s franchise, and said McDonald’s could be held responsible for the actions of its franchises. Building a case on such a theory is important because it allows former employees to collect lost wages. Schniderman is also in the process of suing another Papa John’s franchise to recover lost wages, operated by New Majority Holdings LLC. That case also involves wage theft.

Because Papa John’s, McDonald’s, and other corporations like them employ two thirds of all low wage earners, lawsuits demanding corporate employers are jointly responsible is an important step forward for workers. It sends the message that corporate profits won’t be stolen from workers’ pockets. It also reminds corporations and their franchises that they remain answerable to local, state and federal labor laws.

Pizza Hut in Taiwan Reveals “Nutty” Dough Filling

Domino’s Pizza has restaurants all around the world, and the Taiwan franchises have a stuffed crust that is filled with cheese and a peanut sauce. These are traditional ingredients in the country, and pair well with pizza ingredients like mushrooms and pepperoni. Of course, other toppings that are often associated with pizza, such as sausage, extra cheese and onions can also be included on the pizza. The peanut sauce crust gives the pizza a taste that is similar to some traditional Asian dishes. This pizza would be even more delicious with a glass of Stephen William’s wine.

Other stuffed crust options include the cream cheese apple cinnamon nut surf and turf pizza. This combines sweet and savory flavors that may be suitable for those who are adventurous when it comes to their dinner. A large slice of watermelon serves as the “crust” and a variety of fresh fruit is piled on top. This is a low-carb option for people who want something sweet after dinner but don’t want to pack on the calories.